Who We Are

Testers HUB is a renowned software and web testing company based across various cities of India. We had started in 2012 from Pune and we have now expanded further to Bangalore and Mumbai too. We have seen utmost success in this sector because we understand how crucial software quality is? Intuitive skills, experienced work force, latest tools and other infra features have made us pioneer in this sector. From requirement traceability matrix to eventual test case results, we believe in proper management at all stages. Testing is job that carries responsibility while development is concerned only with functionality building. Eventually it is testing company that will carry responsibility of proper functionality. We have worked with numerous reputed companies, check testimonial and portfolio page for reference, We have worked on various domains namely mobile applications, eLearning platforms, e-Media, Insurance, health sector, government apps & websites, tourism etc. We ensure that all our testers should be certified by ISTQB because eventually it is concerned with quality. For Testers HUB quality work force is directly proportional to quality output. For further details, inquire, we will be happy to help you.

FAQs of Our Software Testing Services

Where are offices of company located in India?
Currently we are operating from two locations in India namely Pune and Bangalore. In Pune, we are at Lohagaon and at Bangalore we are at KR Puram.

Which types of testing services are available with Testers-HUB?
We are complete platform for software testing services. From mobile apps testing to web testing, we have complete range of infrastructure for different mode of services.

Does Company own required infrastructure for software testing?
We have complete range of software testing services. We also deal in the most complex part of software testing, which are functionality and performance testing.

How many projects have been completed successfully over the years?
We have hundreds of projects in our list of portfolio, which can be checked through the testimonial page. We have retained all our clients successfully.

What about work system for the project?
If we find your project reasonable then we will constitute a team, which will include a manager and few executives (as per demand).

What about technical and customer support?
We have a well planned system to work with buyers. We consider our buyer as an integral part of the process. Through test management software programs, client will be enabled to monitor all progress of the project.

What about affordability factor?
It is a fact that offshore culture has started to meet the affordability factor. We are one of the affordable companies where you will enjoy quality services.

What is website testing?

As clear by name, website application will get tested for various possible leaks like bugs, security aspects, error, functionality failure, compatibility problem, load handling etc. This process ensures that web application becomes 100 percent perfect before launch.

What are Different Steps for Web Application Testing?

  • Functionality testing
  • Link testing
  • Form testing
  • Cookies testing
  • HTML & CSS testing
  • Workflow testing
  • Usability testing: navigation, buttons, links and different pages are checked.
  • Web Interface testing
  • Application interface testing
  • Website server response testing
  • Database integration testing
  • Database testing: integration, errors, response time, test data retrieval process are checked.
  • Compatibility testing
  • Performance testing: load and stress tests are carried
  • Web Application Security testing
  • Crowd testing

Our Clients Says

Testers HUB braved to take the clients defies building a vigorous testing stratagem in today's challenging business milieu, which prioritizes superiority, price and performance.




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