How to Use Appium for Android Apps Testing?


Nowadays we can’t imagine any application that comes live without proper testing. Software quality assurance has become an integral part of the whole system. Two ways can be used for testing, one is manual and other one is automation. Appium is the tool that works on both platforms Android and iOS. It actually works between Mobile and computer. Because of being an open source tool it is extremely popular. It supports hybrid, native and mobile applications.


Steps to start Appium Tool for testing:

  • If you don’t have JAVA, install one else skip this step.
  • Now its turn for SDK of Android to download and install.
  • Run the exe file of Appium.
  • Turn for Eclipse activation
  • Start your project in Eclipse
  • Import files from Selenium standalone jar 5.0.0-beta3, Java-client.jar.
  • Appium uses UIA view for results.
  • Installation of XCode IDE is also required.

Eventually one thing is clear, you can test Android app even if you don’t know coding or manual testing can be done easily. If you are tight with budget and looking for self test then I will give you some tips. Provoke the Android tester in you and lets start.

  • First come up with the requirements. Write everything in a different sheet. You should be perfect with the list of requirement. In software testing, this step is called RTM or requirement traceability matrix.
  • Once you get done with the requirements then you can shift for the test cases preparation.
  • You should start testing with your available devices. You would lack in availability of devices so borrow some devices.
  • Check on which device, there is problem at any corner.