How to Select Software testing Company?

Nowadays, eCommerce industry has been growing at rapid pace and this makes role of developer and tester further important. In this blog, we will let you know, what can be possible ways to hire eCommerce testers online.   Here is the list for you: Go for the job portals: there are numerous job portals all across the world. You can simply post your requirement over there and there will be

  Steps are as written below: First finalize which tests you need to do: there are various types of software testing and you don’t need to do all of them. It all depends on functionalities of software. Some common types of testing are usability, functional, compatibility etc. Manual or Automation: you have to select which one you want to go for. If project is very big in size and it

    There are numerous parameters for mobile application testing and it makes sure that various quality and performance guidelines are met properly. Let us check them one by one: Device selection: make list of devices that are popular in market. Keep such devices for application testing. Emulator: you can say that is system duplicate of various devices that you cannot get in for software testing. Prominent emulators: Experltest, Mobile

    There are numerous things that need to be understood from this topic. When we go for desktop based testing then there is a central processing unit that comes in action. On other hand, mobile applications have different companies like Samsung, Nokia, HTC and Apple. While testing available memory space should be also considered because there will be variation from device to device. Internet connection type is also one

  Mobile application testing can be divided into many parts. There are at least 20-30 different types of mobile application testing services. In this blog, we will classify testing into two main parts and check their further details. Hardware testing: it is quite clear from name what it is? Different things that are checked will be internal parts, screen resolution, memory management, radio, connecting hardware like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi etc. Testing

Nowadays definition of mobile has completely changed with advancement of technology. Mobile phones have become lifeline of many who are in various business fields. Mobile phones come with numerous applications through which business activities are performed. Even banking transactions are nowadays have increased through mobile applications and number has gone as high as 62 percent of total transacting in whole.   Nowadays computer machine is programmed on basis of artificial

Testing is something where utmost responsibility is associated. A fresher with no knowledge of testing can never try to get into because this job is highly based on the experience. Prior to start, we should have expected results in mind. Here we will discuss why there should be automation and what are the flip points where you need to work? In beginning days of testing, this was totally based on

It is quite common nowadays that developer doesn’t project testing as essential. Normally testing begins at later stage of development or when development totally ends. This approach is wrong, problem should be treated at the beginning, and it wouldn’t work if you wait for problem to turn more severe. Here are some advantages of early stage testing: • Identifying futuristic problems of logic in programming: approach of tester is totally

Selection of model for software testing is quite important. Nowadays time has come when Agile is in high demand. In this article, we will discuss various aspects of Agile model. Earlier waterfall model had plenty of risks and this thing gave birth to Agile model. In this model, soft skills are extremely important. Leaders will be playing great role in the process because they have to make best use of

If any problem prevails consistently then solution should be brainstormed. Over the years, things have changed consistently and same has happened with the field of technology. Performance testing is always far complicated than the functional testing. Whenever our system gets slow then we go for some additional hardware, which is not the solution at all. We should try to find out what exactly has gone wrong that is making system