Hire eCommerce Testers

Enterprise eCommerce Testing is little different from other types of testing. One needs to have solid understanding of various aspects of eCommerce. This should be also noted that testing methodology will be different for business to business and business to customer oriented eCommerce websites.

What are Different Types of Strategies used for the Ecommerce testing services?
• Multi channel functionality and integration testing
• Content management validation
• Search engine optimization testing
• Back-end data testing
• Usability interface testing
• Payment interface and CRM testing
• Regression testing
• Performance and scalability testing

Every project is different so their requirement too is different. We have written some strategies for eCommerce testing but with project it can vary further too.

What are Various Components of eCommerce Testing Service?
There are many components of testing that deal with online commerce of web and mobile based applications. We are going to list some of them below:
• Complete assessment of website or mobile app
• Assessment of various tools, integration and implementation
• Component validation for eCommerce
• Every link of website or app been tested
• Product details and placement is checked
• Content is checked as per product or service
• Payment interface testing
• SEO and Google compliance are tested
• Testing of analytics and webmaster tool data
• Globalization testing
• Test for browser compatibility
• Test strategy and planning
• Tools that are used especially for eCommerce
• Performance and stress testing
• Security check for online transactions and various vulnerabilities