How Testing Company Works? Know Fine Pores..


Why we have brought package based services?

 Whenever anyone approaches to testing company then plenty of things go on. Quotation, negotiation, repeated communication and various other things take plenty of time. We have brought a proper system that offers you services as per budget and requirements. We still have offer for customization in package because your all requirements may or may not get covered up in the package.


How we manage package of testing?

We allot one manager and some testers as per requirements of project. Smallest package of us include two testers and one manager so that work can be carried out easily.


What is the work process in the testing package of company?

We would like to say that our work system is extremely flexible and effective. We have fix base system, Hourly work system, weekly work plans and monthly too.


If I take small or primary package then which services I will enjoy?

You will enjoy services which are written here functional testing, graphical user interface testing, Advanced testing automation, Performance testing and last but not least security testing. We believe that these five testing are primary and most important part of the software testing so use it and let you enjoy the best. Eventually you are looking for quality assurance and we take responsibility of delivering quality.


If I want more than five testing services, which have been stated above then what I need to do?

You will have to buy some advance package as we have more than twelve packages and services available. As you go for higher package, you will have to raise your budget. More information here:


How flexible pricing of packages or can I get any concession?

Testing packages are symbolic rather than rigid. It should be noted that we have raised price only when Mr. Jaitley ( Finance Minister ) raised tax else we have been always very economical. Quality services at affordable rate is our identity.

Can I get concession for multiple projects?

Definitely, we would be ready for the compromise and adjustments wherever needed but we would like to assure you that you should primarily focus on the quality services rather than this budget. Our budget is already competitive and better than various other companies in Bangalore and Pune.


Do you also change price in between of services?

Never, we agree for price in the beginning and remain intact on that because it is not fair to change terms in between.


Which curreny we accept for the service charges?

For Indian clients, we accept INR while for all foreign clients USD. Fluctuation in currency value can create issue so we fix this thing in advance.


Can I buy your employee to work in my office?

What you have asked is called work force augmentation. We are open to send our employees to work on your side but that will be as per project requirements not permanent.


What about project’s extended work?

This is always a concern for people that if project gets extended then. It has been seen that most of the time projects get extended and then concern starts. We would like to assure you that we are not going to do any business gimmick. TestersHub will always go fair with the effort and budget proportion.


Will you do testing annually or tools will be used?

Requirements of different projects are different. Some projects need to be tested manually while some need automation. There are some types of testing namely stress and load testing, which can’t be done manually so we will work as per requirement.


Will there be need of any maintenance for testing project?

If you are making regular changes in website especially websites like portal and ecommerce then testing will be an ongoing job. If you have an static website then one time testing would be enough. We would like to repeat these statements for mobile applications also.


How can I identify, what type of testing needed for my website or app?

If you are not a technical person, how can you identify, what exactly is needed? We are here to test app or website properly. Functional testing is far more important than any others. Stress and load testing are to be done later because main thing is still performance.


Is Testers HUB amongst best software testing companies of Bangalore?

Definitely we are amongst best software testing companies in Bangalore. We have successfully completed hundreds of projects and going ahead further. We have testers from all backgrounds. From QTP to LoadRunner, we have enormous ability to ensure even fine pores are working properly.


Where we stand amongst software testing companies of Mumbai?

In Mumbai, we are the number one company which has been opted by hundreds of clients. We have worked with numerous local clients as well as foreigners too.


Is Testers HUB only Trustworthy testing company in Pune?

Obviously, you can check profile of us. In the last few years, we have never looked back in terms of success. We are a company where quality is guaranteed.

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