Is Functional Testing mandatory for all QA Campaigns?

A software product with any functionality glitch can never get accepted. Even if there is any small app to be tested, functional testing will be integral part. For any product, stability is the feature to get ready as per market requirements. Above written sentences are generic and can be found on various websites. Below we have written few aspects that differentiate companies on the basis of quality:

  1. Experience matters: no matter, how much of theoretical knowledge is stuffed, practical learning will be always important. Testing needs analytical and brainstorming ability that comes from experience.
  2. Being professional: approach and skilled staff are extremely important when we consider smooth functioning of any software QA company.
  3. Versatility: software testing changes with domain while development part remains intact. All we want to say, a person who is getting into testing of mobile apps but have expertise of health domain can divert in process.
  4. Testing lab: strength of lab depends on available devices and testing tools.

What is Functional Testing and why it is required?

This is a type of black box testing in which all modules of product are checked for required specifications. Input values are provided and output is validated.

How to Start Functional Testing?

Process varies from company to company but there are few common steps as listed below:

  1. Proper understanding of requirement is required.
  2. Preparation of test plan is important
  3. No software QA process can proceed without test cases. Write as many as possible and get many people on work. More mind means more thought.
  4. Test cases would not be relevant without input data. Go through requirements properly and prepare input data.
  5. Execute and log defects

Which are different types of testing that can be categorized under functional and non-functional testing?

Functional Testing:

  1. Unit testing
  2. User acceptance testing
  3. Sanity QA
  4. Smoke software testing

Non Functional Testing:

  1. Load testing
  2. Volume testing
  3. Testing for compatibility check
  4. Migration testing

Which are some common tools for functional testing services?

  1. Selenium
  2. Micro Focus Unified Functional Testing
  3. JUnit
  4. Soap UI

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What is meaning of functional testing services?

When we check functionality then output is checked for given input. As per requirements of client, validation is done for the application.

Which are different types of functional testing?

Functional testing is classified as per requirements of applications:

  1. Unit testing
  2. Smoke testing
  3. Usability testing
  4. Regression testing

Team of QA decides which tests to be implemented as per requirement.

Which are different steps that are covered in the process of functional testing?

Steps vary as tester changes. Here we will discuss about some common steps that are followed by almost everyone in the process of software QA.

  1. First prepare a SRS or software requirement specification document.
  2. In any type of testing, writing of test cases is extremely important.
  3. Determination of input and output values is extremely important.

Is security testing concerned with functional testing? No, security comes under non functional testing. Along with functional testing, importance of security check can’t be ignored. SQL injection, cookies manipulation and numerous other aspects are checked under this.

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