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Our testing team ensures game developed for people works well across various platforms namely desktop, console, mobile and tablets. When we consider 2019 then most popular name amongst games is PubG. In India, this game is extremely popular and even prime minister of country mr. Modi had once mentioned about this game. Games are not solely played for entertainment as there are numerous others things that are associated.

Developing a game is not a big deal nowadays, rather its maintenance and keep checking what peoples’ choice are main aspects. A game can be successful only when its quality assurance is done properly. Selection of testing model, test cycles, regular game updates, users; feedback collection and many others things are important when we consider a complete game. If we check online then some 10 years back, it was hard to find a company for game development but nowadays things have changed and even game testing service is provided by numerous companies.

Statistics about Growth of Various Gaming Software Program Globally:
• In America, more than 200 million play game daily.
• Gaming industry of America is more than 30 billion US dollar.
• By the end of next year, gaming industry of USA is supposed to cross 110 billion US dollar.

What are Latest Trends in the Gaming Industry?
• Nowadays development and testing companies are far more aware about the whole scenario. Behavior of players is collected and as per trend things are done.
• In beginning days, only reputed companies have entered in the sector of game development and testing, nowadays even small start-up companies or individuals have also started same thing.
• Numerous types of applications are dominating market of mobile and gaming apps have key role.
• Numerous big business names have recognized potential of gaming industry and now we have seen them entered in this sector.

Few Points Regarding Game Testing

Nowadays testing begins quite early in parallel with development. Tester job is a responsible because if anything goes wrong with game then testing team is held for it. Game should be easy to use, install and uninstall correctly, game compliance with various devices is very important, load testing and numerous other types of testing are important. Nowadays traffic of websites has shifted largely on mobile devices, this is also reason, how mobile based games have been doing great business.

Various key Aspects in Process of Game Testing:
• How game is registering new players?
• Is it easy to download and install game?
• Various game components like menu, navigation, help etc are working properly or not.
• Animation, sound effects and other audio visual effects are working properly or not.
• How game flows while paying?
• Get checked, how difficult it is to advance to next level?
• Nowadays multiplayer feature is also very important
• User experience testing is also very important
• Cross platform compatibility because there are numerous operating systems available in market.
• Load and stress testing are also very crucial
• Security testing should be also done properly

Regarding any further assistance about game testing services, you can directly contact our software QA team and they will definitely assist you.

Game Testing Services: 5 Points to Remember

In this article, we will discuss about performance testing for gaming apps. Check points written below, if you want to get your app tested properly:

  1. In testing, environment is extremely important. Make sure an expert work on this for complete set up.
  2. Gaming app should be ready for testing of load that is expected.
  3. Regression test or re-test is extremely important to ensure apps are on the expected track.
  4. Check response time of software in the process of testing.
  5. GUI of the gaming app is extremely important so it should be checked properly.

What is Test Modularity?

Automation testing is done through scripts and portion of script is called modules.

What is Data Driven Testing?

This is a framework that saves program data in external files instead of hard coding it through various scripts.

What is Keyword Driven Testing?

In this type of testing, various actions are performed using keywords.

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