Health Care App Testing

Nowadays healthcare based applications are extremely popular as more people are opting for health insurance. Purpose of such testing is to ensure smooth and secure services to people. We should understand workflow of health care system to understand it better. Insurance company needs application to manage various aspects as written below:

  1. Collect data of possible service buyers
  2. Collect data of all who have taken members
  3. Premium billing  system
  4. Validation system for data
  5. Calculation of commission for broker

Some important parts of healthcare applications are as below:

  1. Member system
  2. Provider system
  3. Broker system
  4. Claim system  
  5. Portals for broker, provider and member

Some obvious test cases for any health care application could be as below:

  1. Check all valid and invalid claims by different members.
  2. There should be complete set up to edit, enter and process claims made by members.
  3. Check how enrollment and termination of member are working
  4. Check whether records get updated when payment is made
  5. Functional part is extremely important so check whether login is working properly.
  6. Do proper sanity testing for application.  

If you are looking to get health care application tested then always get a person who is expert in domain. For more information about healthcare functional testing services, check blogs of Testers HUB.