iPhone App Testers

Are you looking for iOS app testers? Testers HUB is a complete company where you can get your app tested by the best experts of industry. We have numerous iPhone projects so experience matters. Check our testimonials and you will get to know more about process. Ask our experts to know more about the process.
Prior to uploading any app to iTunes, we usually get it checked by the testers. Through one account, up to 100 devices can be registered. First of all, take following steps to export application:
  • First step is registration of all test devices
  • Archive your application.
  • Use an ad hoc provisioning profile to signup your app.
  • Install application for test devices
  • Solicit crash reports through testers.
Understand Ad Hoc provisioning profiles
Trough Ad Hoc provisioning, one can install app on designated device. After installation Xcode is also not required.


Here is how you can archive your iOS app?
One you add your application then Xcode will automatically stores in the archive organizer. Follow steps as written below:
  • Go in the Xcode project editor. You can select any of the regular style devices like iOS device, tvOS device, Watch OS device. Your device name will appear in the toolbar. Simulator build can’t be created. Upon disconnecting device, various regular options change.
  • Go in the product option and select the archive. Primary validation tests are run by the archive. If any warning comes then create the archive again.
Can you test application outside the store?
You can create an iOS App file with the name extension .ipa.
Steps should be as written below:
  • Go in the Archive organizer
  • Select your named archive
  • Select the export option and click next.
  • Select the Ad Hoc deployment. There should be distribution certificate.
  • Internal testing should be done at Save for development deployment.
  • You can select a team from the pop up menu.
For creation of manifest file, web server details are needed. One option will come “Distribution manifest information”. You will have to following steps:
  • Name: After all unique identity is needed and this will happen with name.
  • URL address: proper and working address with HTTPS is required.
  • Profile image URL: display image is very important and its dimension should be 57 * 57and format must be PNG.
  • Full image: dimension should be 512 * 512 and format should be again PNG.