How Manual Testing is Done by Testers HUB?

Nowadays functional testing is getting very complicated especially using automation tools. Main reason behind this problem is complexity of programs nowadays. There have been numerous cases where regression testing failed repeatedly. Now it is quite clear that manual testing is still important and it will be always.

Manual testing does not need you to bring any tool in action rather experience in the same domain is very important. Testers HUB first reads project and then a proper plan is developed regarding what to do? Our team has extensive experience in the field of software testing both manually as well as through automation tools. Our end to end manual testing ensures perfect results. Testing is all about test cases and perfect test cases can be created only by expert who has knowledge of that domain.

Our professionals understand complete reasonability of project from beginning to delivery. How manual testing service of Testers HUB is different from others:
• Testers HUB has expertise in wide range of applications namely desktop, web, mobile etc.
• Our team is capable of handling various types of technologies namely Agile, Waterfall Model, DevOps etc.
• Our team gets engage in the project at early stage to minify cost of project. Early detection of errors is quite crucial.
• Our risk based testing methodology addressed various parts like business, project and various technical risk.
Manual testing is in action since start of software testing and it will be in action, no matter how effective technology becomes. Manual check means human check and this is the main feature of this type of testing.