What are different types of Android App Testing?


It is not only about the Android as I would say it is about iOS also. We will explain things here in a systematic way so that classification should be perfect. There are two types of Android testing:

  • Hardware testing: you would be thinking why I have written hardware testing when we are going to test an operating system. Actually hardware should be in perfect condition else software will also deviate from its original functionality. There are numerous things, which are to be checked when we go for the hardware testing ex: screen size and resolution, internal hardware system, Bluetooth, WiFi etc. On whole this is called mobile testing.
  • Software testing: in this, software is tested for numerous aspects which are mainly around the functionality. This type of testing can be further differentiated in subgroups like:
  • Native applications: native app is intended for the mobiles and tablets.
  • Web application for apps: these are like mobile versions of websites.
  • Hybrid app: this is amalgamation of native and web based apps.

Why Do I need Mobile Apps Testing especially Android?

As an Android tester, I can confirm that mobile apps testing is far complicated than the web based apps testing.

  • Various types of mobile and desktop devices are used. Most of companies like Samsung, HTC, Apple etc are used.
  • Variation in the mobile operating system. Go for testing on numerous platforms like Android, blackberry, iOS, Symbian etc.

What are different types of Android Apps Testing that testers generally perform?

  • Usability testing: user experience is extremely vital.
  • Compatibility testing: there are numerous devices, browsers, OS versions so everything should be kept in mind.
  • Interface testing
  • Service testing: things should be checked online as well as offline
  • Resource testing
  • Performance testing: functionality should be checked under variance of condition.
  • Installation testing: app is tested on various devices so that it installs and uninstalls correctly.
  • Security testing: as threat being going high online, we need to actually make the things extremely secure.