Testers HUB is a reputed name, if you are looking for offshore testing companies. We have worked on this concept since last 12 years so we understand fine aspects of process.

What is offshore testing?

Offshore testing is very common process of entire software development where an organization outsources its work to its service partner located in some other country. Offshore concept started from USA and India is the leading destination where outsourced projects been done at very large scale. Outsourcing is not limited to only being affordable as work goes to third world countries, there are many more features associated.

What are Advantages of Offshore Testing?

There are numerous things that are associated with outsourcing of software projects as listed below:
• Rate at which project is done: if project gets outsourced to a country where time zone is different then it will help in accomplishment of project as soon as possible.
• ROI: from business point of view, this is extremely important to have high return on investment. With same level of education, labor forces in third world countries like India, Indonesia, Philippines etc are far lesser than United states.
• Core work comes under focus: in the process of testing, this is obvious that some parts will be highly technical while some would be time taking. By outsourcing, time taking portion outside, it becomes easy to focus on core work.
• Going global: it is never wrong to have people working from across the world because it will give more exposure.

Why Offshore testing fails sometime?

Being honest, we should check flip side of entire process too. Offshore project comes with numerous advantages as well as disadvantages too. Check flaws over here:
• Improper communication
• Accessibility becomes issue and sometime project moves in wrong direction.
• Response time is very important in this type of business and because of time zone this can be a problem
• Control structure is slightly improper because of numerous people working on same thing.