How We Work on Performance and Load Software QA?

Having an application for business is not the key of success rather proper functioning of that application is important. This is the reason why performance and load testing are important. If there is any issue in performance then it is going to affect entire brand and overall functionality of business operation. This type of testing is necessary because it will give you idea about performance at peak.

Our team will put best available tool in action and you will get proper idea about performance. Testing will be carried in real life environment. It has been often seen that during peak days or sales offer application does not behave as it is expected to do. There are many other occasions where performance can become an issue like product release, new client registration, handling business transaction etc.

Testers HUB has worked across various domains namely health sector, eCommerce, eLearning, corporate world etc. Over years, we have also tested applications with various types of technical arrangement like domain based apps, client-server based application, SOA based application and many more. We have tested performance of various other components namely network performance testing, database testing, hardware testing etc.

Our reporting system is also very accurate as we note down numerous fine aspects like response time, break point for software, peak load behavior, memory leak for application, report about resource utilization, uptime of application and various other things. Our recommendations in report are perfect in various ways as we have retained hundred percent client satisfaction till now.

How Testers HUB can Help Your Application?
• Our report mentions all critical aspects that are concerned with project.
• Performance enhancement of application will be guaranteed.
• Least affect on main functionality after testing with Testers HUB.
• We have inbuilt tool for internal monitoring of project.
• We very clearly mention about extent to which our tested product will be reliable.
• Client can also test about performance testing that is being done by us.

What are Various Types of Performance Testing?
Testing is actually a complicated where it comes with numerous types. Here we will list out all possible types of performance testing that we do:
• Component performance testing
• Testing at system level
• Project scalability testing
• Endurance testing services
• Stress testing
• Volume testing
• Customized solution testing
• Cloud based load testing
• Characterization of system
• Code checking for performance
Why Testers HUB for Performance Testing?
There are numerous reasons why only Testers HUB should be selected:
• We have simple working methodology test early and fix early. Process should be iterative in nature.
• Optimization in terms of budget, if errors keep on coming then it will create problems in terms of time as well as money.
• Full cycle engineering performance services.
• Our tested project never fails since last 12 years or company’s inception.
• We have all leading tools available namely LoadRunner, Microsoft VSTS, IBM RPT, SmartBear Load, JMeter, OpenSTA, Grinder, Silk Performer etc.