Make Sure Your Application Performs 100 Percent

In current scenario, when there is fierce competition in market for dominance, user experience is the key factor in success for websites and applications. Experience of users should be perfect in different scenarios such as platforms, technology usages, load, environment, condition etc. Testers HUB has been amongst the renowned companies known for the software performance testing. This is fancy dream for companies to rule market but in most of the cases the fail because of improper users’ experience.

How we manage performance testing services?

We offer diverse range of testing services including desktop, cloud, mobile, analytics etc. Within this mode services, we have following inclusions:

• Load testing: we ensure that performance should not hinder in case of heavy load. It is quite obvious that there will be traffic on successful applications and system should be ready for various conditions.
• Stress testing: when load goes on high then there are numerous other factors, which can make the things further worst.
• Volume testing: software should be able to process large amount of data. Nowadays software programs are supposed to handle multi-tasking with plenty of data.
• Soak testing: sustaining any load for long time also brings in problems.
• Scalability testing: software applications need to be scalable and it is also part of performance.

We don’t rely on any single tool as we have multiple options available namely Webload, Jmeter, Load Impact, WAPT, Load Runner, Visual Studio etc.