How to Select Right Software QA Service provider?

Are you looking for software quality assurance vendor? Testers-HUB has been one of the leading names in India for QA services. We have infrastructures to deal with challenging projects. Our lab has wide range of devices for extensive software testing. Portfolio of Testers-HUB reflects true potential of company as we have worked with numerous reputed clients.

In software QA services, management is extremely important. There should be efficient cooperation in the process to reach goal of the process. There are some key factors in management as QA vendor:

  1. Missed Bugs: this often happens when there is poor understanding of software development.
  2. Bug reporting is also one of the key factors.
  3. Cost issue
  4. Contract: vendor management process and assessment criteria should be stated in the contract.

Which are key services provided as QA vendor?

  1. Functional testing services
  2. Automation testing services
  3. Mobile apps testing services
  4. Globalization testing services
  5. Performance testing services
  6. Accessibility testing services
  7. Usability testing services
  8. Security testing services

How to Identify Genuine Software QA Vendor?

Nowadays there are thousands of QA service providers across the world. How to check if you are hiring right vendor for services?

  1. Check their portfolio, if that vendor has worked with reputed clients.
  2. Which type of projects been handled by company, domain is important.  
  3. Check if tester is ISQTB certified.       
  4. Analyze workforce of company, if there is enough trained professionals available.

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